Main Topics

  • Active magnetic bearings (AMB)
  • Passive magnetic bearings (PMB)
  • Eletrodynamic bearings (EDB)
  • Superconducting magnetic bearings (SMB)
  • Hybrid bearing systems
    Self-bearings (bearingless) motors
  • Smart bearings
  • Sensors, actuators, power electronics for magnetic bearings
  • Self-sensing (sensorless) techniques
  • Modeling, simulation, design and identification
  • Advanced control
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Safety and reliability aspects
  • Fault detection, diagnosis and tolerance
  • Back up/Touch down bearings
  • Components and materials
  • Industrial, medical and aerospace applications
  • Superconducting and high Tc superconducting magnetic applications
  • Blood pumps, vacuum pumps and canned pumps
  • Flywheels
  • Low loss and low power consumption magnetic bearings
  • Ultra high speed bearings
  • Micro bearings
    Electromagnetic suspensions (EMS)
  • Electrodynamic suspensions (EDS)
  • Diamagnetic levitation
  • Electrostatic levitation
  • MagLev Trains
  • Other related new fields